Welcome to Nuriootpa Primary School

Welcome to the Nuriootpa Primary School Website. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you, through these web pages, information about our school. This is a unique school both in the design and its working environment.

The school has been involved in a major renovation during 2020 and 2021. The physical shape of our main building is unusual in that it is a round structure which can house up to 8 classes on the outer edges, similar to a wagon wheel, with the resource centre at the hub. A-joining each class room is an open area where students can work in small groups. The re-development allowed us to form separate classrooms with the use of glass movable walls which allows classes to work separately or together as well open out to the open area. Classes are grouped in clusters of three, allowing staff and students to work together in teams. There are external buildings which are more traditional in structure and house our Upper Primary student.


Key into Excellence





We also have a community centre which is the same shape as the main building and is used for community group and support service meetings and activities. We have a gym, large which we use for our PE lessons, whole school assemblies and other whole school activities. The re-development also resulted in a COLA (outside learning/play area) two covered playgrounds – Junior Primary and Primary being built. We enjoy a full oval, canteen and before and after school care facilities. The school is a warm, caring, friendly environment, which is exciting and challenging. 

As a school community we have identified a purpose which is as follows; 

We key into excellence by developing engaged and independent lifelong learners who demonstrate respect and responsibility within our school and the wider community

The logo is very representative of our school. The shape of the main building and courtyard area is a key – thus the meaning of our logo – KEY INTO EXCELLENCE. This is interpreted as each of us working towards personal excellence. 

We value every person in the school community and feel they all have something to contribute to our school. Our students are our priority. We work hard to make our school a happy safe place to be. We aim for open communication between school and families. We are open to new ideas and believe teaching students is a shared responsibility between home and school. We encourage all to take risks, keep their learning relevant, enjoy what they are doing and celebrate their achievements. We feel this is a great school and look for opportunities to share it with others. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Please join us and become partners in learning.